#oneaday Day 102: A Hundred and Two

I Googled the number 102. The results might surprise you. If you’re really bored and easily surprised.

The first page of results appears to be largely radio stations. Top hit for Googling 102 is Capital FM in Manchester, claiming to be Manchester’s Number 1 Hit Music Station and conveniently ignoring the fact that Manchester is not the capital of the UK.

The second result is the Wikipedia entry for the number 102. I wasn’t even aware Wikipedia had entries for individual numbers, but here it is—proof. Apparently 102 is special because it’s an abundant number, a semiperfect number (its mother must be so proud) and a sphenic number. It is also the sum of four consecutive prime numbers, the sum of Euler’s totient function, the third base 10 polydivisible number and a Harshad number. I do not know what any of those things mean and I’m sure that 98% of you don’t either.

Wikipedia also tells us that the number 102 is the emergency telephone number for police in Ukraine and Belarus, the emergency number for fire in Israel and the emergency telephone number for ambulance in parts of India. And, of course, everyone knows that the Empire State Building has 102 floors, right?

Having clicked on a few links on that Wikipedia page, I’m genuinely astonished that there does indeed seem to be an individual entry for every single number. At least, every single number in the immediate vicinity of 102. Isn’t the collected knowledge of the human race fascinating?

Well, actually, if you are the sort of person who despises maths, such as my 15-year old self (who regularly genuinely got angry at maths homework, despite the fact it was essentially inanimate and couldn’t fight back) you probably don’t find the fact that you can look up numbers on Wikipedia that interesting.

So for those people, back to Google it is.

Other radio stations that feature 102 include the stunningly boring-sounding “Town 102” from Ipswich, Wave 102 from Dundee (presumably not quite as good as Southampton’s Wave 103), Warwickshire’s saucy-sounding 102 Touch FM and Salisbury’s Spire FM 102.

Google also brings up the IMDb listing for 102 Dalmatians, which has 2 stars or a rating of 4.4 out of 10 from 7,812 users. Because it’s a movie and not a video game, we can assume that this means it is, in fact, slightly below average and not OMG CRAP. The title of that movie always struck me as incredibly dumb, however, because it should surely be “101 Dalmatians 2” if you are Disney and you are making an ill-advised sequel to your ill-advised live-action remake of your beloved animated movie. I guess they thought they were being clever. Perhaps they were.

Anyhow. I hope I’ve educated and informed you about the number 102. I promise I won’t stoop to finding out fascinating fact about a number ever again. Unless I get really stuck for ideas.

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Pete Davison

Southampton-based music teacher, writer and enthusiast of Japanese popular culture.

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