#oneaday Day 576: Still Tiredscom

I’m afraid you’re only going to be getting half-hearted (but still daily) updates out of me for the next few days, largely ’cause I’m spending my days at the Gamescom expo over at the amusingly-named Koelnmesse, then spending my evenings writing everything up. I’d write more stuff up in the daytime but 1) I don’t have time and 2) Wi-Fi access as Koelnmesse costs 25 Euros per day. You’d think during a trade show they’d organise something for attendees.

I’ve spotted a weird thing since being in Germany — my thoughts have a German accent. When I speak German, a German can immediately tell I’m English — they have a strange sixth sense for that sort of thing — but in my mind, the things I think have a perfect German accent and, in some cases, German words too. Occasionally they’re the wrong German words because I just end up thinking of amusing words or phrases (“Ich besuche mein Grossmutter” always makes me titter, even though what it actually means is rather mundane) but they’re there, nonetheless.

Wandering around a country that doesn’t have English as its first language is akin to playing an MMO with no keyboard. You might be able to make yourself understood with basic gestures, but after a while you’re going to have to immerse yourself a bit and figure things out for yourself. I’ve now just about deciphered the confusing public transport system (though since arriving here, not one person has checked my ticket, making me regret the 7 Euros I paid on the first day) and can sort of recognise what certain shops and things are.

However much I know that “Notausgang” means “Emergency Exit”, though, I still can’t not read it as “Not an exit”.


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Pete Davison

Southampton-based music teacher, writer and enthusiast of Japanese popular culture.

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