#oneaday Day 968: Silence to 1K

As I draw ever closer to that elusive “1,000 daily posts” combo it becomes more and more difficult to think of things to write about each day. I’m very conscious of the fact that I have already repeated myself on several occasions as well as spent several posts on a number of topics where one would have perhaps sufficed (hello, Katawa Shoujo) but I have no regrets as to how things have gone so far.

I’m not saying there aren’t 968 different things in the world to write about, obviously, it’s whether or not I can say anything coherent about them — and whether or not I can actually think of any of them when it comes to time to write this blog, since I almost inevitably end up doing it as one of the last things I do each day. (Today is an exception — I’ve specifically decided to write this before I settle down to a bit of pre-bedtime My Girlfriend is the President). Sometimes when you have to write something, your mind just goes blank and the absolute last thing you want to do is write. I get it sometimes during my day job, when I play a game so unbearably tedious or awful that the mere prospect of writing about how tedious and awful it is fills me with a sense of deep melancholy. (Other times, however, it’s fun to rip something that has clearly been crafted with no care or attention whatsoever a new one — or indeed to praise something that is worthy of praise.)

And yet despite occasional dalliances with writer’s block, here I am, day after day, posting my inane ramblings to anyone who will listen. To my surprise, I have built up something of a small but apparently dedicated audience over the last few years I’ve been writing this. My distaste for the Facebook “Like” button is well-documented, but the WordPress “Like” button is another matter — it gives me the opportunity to see when new (or familiar) visitors have stopped by and felt the need to show their presence, which is genuinely nice to see. (WordPress’ overly-positive emails make out that someone clicking the Like button is an absolutely massive deal on a par with being whisked away on a romantic getaway and proposed to in front of a sunset, but we both know you’re just clicking a button.)

Believe it or not, as self-indulgent as this blog is more often than not, I’m very grateful to those of you who stop by and read/like/comment. I’ve said on numerous occasions that this blog isn’t “for” anyone — the original remit of the #oneaday project was simply to get all the participants writing every day for the sake of writing, not for the sake of building an audience — but it is pretty awesome to see that, on occasion, something I post resonates with someone else somewhere else in the world. Ships in the night and all that.

Speaking of the #oneaday project, I have to toot my own horn a bit here — I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking with this for so long. Granted, with the number of words I’ve written across the last 968 posts I could probably have penned at least two or three novels, but that’s not quite the same as having an “outlet”. On more than one occasion I’ve been grateful for this blog as a means to share things I’m thinking or feeling with anyone who will listen — it’s not always easy to do that face-to-face or over the phone, but bizarrely, announcing it to the entire world via the Internet is absolutely no problem whatsoever, largely because in that case you can simply express yourself and walk away without having to have any of those difficult “conversation” things.

But I digress. To my knowledge, the only other original participant of #oneaday’s first year who is still going is the inimitable Mr Ian Dransfield of Play Magazine fame. Meanwhile, it looks entirely possible that the most pleasant Gemma Critchley is also about to start blogging again, which is nice to see. It’s been a bumpy ride for daily bloggers, though — in the first year, a huge number of participants (including the “founder”) dropped out within a week or two of starting; in the second year, I made a bold attempt to try and organise everyone via this “hub” site, relaxing the “rules” a little in order to (successfully) attract more people, and inviting readers to sponsor our efforts for charity. (In the process, I apparently pissed off one of the original participants who had not taken part since January of the previous year, who promptly posted an incoherent ranty post about how he was going to do things their own way, only going to prove my suspicions about said person. No, I am not saying who it was or what my suspicions were.)

This is now my third year of daily blogging and while the “community” feeling of blogging together with others is all but gone (for now, at least) it’s still satisfying to know that I can look back on the last 968 days and know that at least some of this waffle is worth reading again. It may be narcissistic to do so, but I do sometimes enjoy just hitting the “Random Post” button and seeing what comes up. More than enjoying rereading my past posts, it’s sometimes fun, sometimes sad, always interesting to think back on where I was in my life at that point — and where I might be another 968 days from now.

I guess I should start planning my 1,000 post party. Who can make a good cake?

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Pete Davison

Southampton-based music teacher, writer and enthusiast of Japanese popular culture.

6 thoughts on “#oneaday Day 968: Silence to 1K”

  1. I wouldn’t mind trying to do the oneaday thing but am not sure how to get into it. Do I just add that to my blog site or do I have to join your group? And do I have to qualify to do so? Mind you the NaNoWriMo is coming up and I will have to register for that again and then make myself write something every day. But that is creative writing which is even harder to do each day as it often takes a lot longer, and follows a specific direction etc. All of which, paradoxically, should make it easier to do – but doesn’t!!
    Re the cake – I can’t make one, but I sure can eat one if it’s offered.😀 But it needs to be a light fluffy mousse kind of thing – rather than a heavy rich mudcake type – or I can only manage a sliver! Well of course the word manage is relative. I can scoff down cake with the best of them, but I might then sit around feeling nauseous/green/oomy/yujjo! (Yujjo is a typo I made a few years ago when I meant to type yukko. I liked it so much better than yukko and it is now part of our vocab. I mean it sounds like something gross.)
    Anyway congrats on heading towards 1,000 blogs. It will be an amazing accomplishment when you do achieve it – unless of course you tease us all by stopping at 999!
    I’ve only done 147 plus about 30ish on my writing site, and I thought that was pretty good. But I guess it pales into insignificance next to yours. S I G H . . . .

    1. Heh. At present, there’s no real “getting into” it, you just do it if you want to. Last year, we had some loose organisation in place but once I got a regular job I didn’t have time to keep up with all the admin. You can see the fruits of our labours at http://oneadaybloggers.wordpress.com — I wouldn’t mind starting that up again sometime, perhaps in the new year. We’ll see.

      1. Let me know when (and if) you are ready to start again in the new year and I might be better organised by then. I find that the testing of games takes so much time. I have a growing pile of double-sided 3-a-side pages full of notes, just waiting for me to write up the reviews. It’s hard to keep up with the new games coming out. And the ‘not getting too repetitive’ ‘sounding like a broken record’ thing is a problem as well.
        So the #oneaday Day ?: WHAT I DID TODAY heading just goes in the Title box and doesn’t affect your I’M NOT DR WHO site name or your angryjedi.wordpress.com domain name? I am thinking out loud here, reasoning not quite rhetorically. Please nod if I am right.
        Do you have a Widget that lets you list your Followers? I don’t seem to qualify as a friend yet – and I guess that’s fair enough. Besides I do live on the other side of the world.
        Thanks for the Link to the oneaday blog site – I will look it up asap.

  2. I can’t believe you’re almost at your 1,000th post. That’s amazing. The whole project is still massively inspiring and I really did miss blogging as part of it, hence my return. Even through the contingent of bloggers is somewhat dispersed, I still follow lots of them on Twitter and have even made a few new pals out of it. You should be proud, Pete. You’ve done an amazing job! Cake all round.

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