#oneaday Day 989: Blackout

I was all set to write something profound tonight, then the Internet died and I’m relegated to blogging from my phone.

All right, I didn’t have anything hugely profound to say and even if I did I could clearly still say it from my phone, but the Internet has gone down, which is, as everyone thoroughly immersed in 21st century living knows, incredibly annoying.

Given its prevalence in our everyday lives, it’s very easy to forget what life without the Internet was like. Something as simple as checking the news or finding out what time something was on TV relied on you having… oh, it’s back. I’ll return when I finish watching this episode of The World God Only Knows. Ja ne!

… … … …

20 minutes later…

There we are, that’s better.

Shit, now there’s pressure on me to write something meaningful. Umm…

Nope, I got nothing. And fuck all that Internet talk. I’ve written that exact same post at least five or six times already in the last 989 days.

I finished watching Welcome to the NHK today. The last few episodes were major-league Feels territory. It was a fascinating show, all-told, that I may write about in more detail at some point in the near future. What I particularly liked was that it wasn’t particularly easy to pigeon-hole into a specific category of genre. It had elements of comedy, drama, romance, surrealism and all manner of other stuff too. On the whole it was quite an emotional experience for me — I’m not sure how much it would resonate with someone who couldn’t relate to some of the issues therein, but I certainly found it to be an excellent, worthwhile, enjoyable and moving watch.

Tonight, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve started watching The World God Only Knows after recommendations from several people. I’ll blog in more detail about this when I’ve watched more than two episodes, but it seems to be highly entertaining so far.

The premise, for the unfamiliar, is that dating sim addict Keima inadvertently enters into a contract with the unfeasibly cute and broom-wielding demon Elsie to help round up “Loose Souls”, runaway spirits that hide themselves inside the hearts of girls. Keima is thus tasked with making said girls fall in love with him, thus releasing the Loose Soul for Elsie to catch. Keima, sadly, is more than a little socially awkward, having spent all his time dating 2D girls rather than interacting with real people. However, since reneging on the contract means that both he and Elsie will be decapitated by the magical collars placed upon them, he has no choice but to go along with the outlandish plan. Consequently, he attempts to use his knowledge of dating sim tropes to figure out girls in the real world and, of course, Hilarity Ensues.

I’ve watched two episodes so far and already I want my own Elsie to hug. Certain characters just nail the whole adorableness factor, and she has this particular characteristic in spades. The show as a whole is rather endearing, too, though, regularly lapsing into heavily-stylized and chibi sequences rather than trying to remain too grounded in reality. The concept is, after all, ridiculous, so rather than trying to take itself too seriously the show appears to very much embrace its silliness. I’m fine with that, and am looking forward to exploring the rest of the episodes.

Anyway, on that note I think it’s probably time I hit the sack. Hopefully tomorrow will see a more coherent entry and less in the way of Internet outages.

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Pete Davison

Southampton-based music teacher, writer and enthusiast of Japanese popular culture.

2 thoughts on “#oneaday Day 989: Blackout”

  1. The World Only God Knows is amazing😄 I haven’t checked in on the manga in quite a while but it’s always been funny whenever I do.

  2. It was better before the internet. We had ceefax and teletext. These services taught us patience and improved our memory for numbers. Also, there was Bamboozle.

    Do you remember ‘Digitiser’ on channel 4 teletext? It was the computer games section. It had the odd review every now and then, but mostly it was surreal features, jokes, and cartoons. I loved it.

    My favourite section was a ‘diary’ that was updated daily. It chronicled the adventures of a man trying different jobs each week. Here’s a lovely example:


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