#oneaday Day 991: Last Man Standing

So, having hit one thousand daily posts before me (he did start first), Mr Ian Dransfield has officially bowed out of the daily blogging business. I don’t blame him at all — he notes that the prospect of continuing even on a weekly basis feels like “giving myself work I don’t want to do” so has chosen instead to jack it in altogether. A hearty congratulations to him for having put up with it for so long, though — a thousand daily posts is a massive amount of stuff to evacuate from your head on to the page. Believe me, I know.

Since I’m coming up behind Ian and closing in on that elusive post number 1,000 as the last man standing, this has naturally got me thinking about the whole business, too. Specifically, it has me thinking to myself “is it worth still doing this? Am I actually enjoying it?”

And, I have to conclude once again — this isn’t the first time I’ve asked myself this question — that “yes” is the answer to both of those questions. In the last 991 days, I don’t think there’s been a single time that I’ve resented my self-imposed obligation to write this blog. There have been days where it’s been difficult to think of something to write, sure, and there have been days where other distractions have meant I haven’t written it until a ridiculous hour in the morning (I think 4am was the latest after having watched several episodes of Firefly while in conversation with someone over the Internet) but I’ve certainly never felt like it was an unwelcome obligation. Quite the opposite, in fact — although it usually ends up being the last thing I do each day, it’s something I often find myself thinking about over the course of the day’s activities and looking forward to actually sitting down and writing. It is, as I’ve said many times before, a cathartic means of self-expression for me, with the happy bonus that I’ve got to know a number of thoroughly pleasant people in the process. Moreover, a number of people who already knew me have got to know things about me that they might not have done otherwise.

Like Ian, my life has changed immeasurably since I started writing this blog. I have changed jobs several times — going from primary school teacher to unemployed bum to part-time, low-paid games journalist to legitimate, properly-paid games journalist. My relationship status has changed several times — my wife and I split, signalling the start of the darkest period I’ve ever been through in my life; I met someone, that didn’t work out; I met Andie, that did work out (right? Hopefully. OH GOD WHAT IF— [*slap* — the Rational Part of Pete’s Brain]). I went to America several times for various reasons (PAX East, family time). I’ve moved several times — from Southampton back to my childhood home in Cambridgeshire, then onward to my current situation in Wiltshire (and hopefully back to Southampton at some point in the near future). I’ve re-established contact with some friends; lost touch with others. And I’ve discovered anime.

Alongside all these various upheavals, the one constant in my life has been this silly little corner of the Internet that I call my own, with the tens of thousands of words I’ve tapped onto it at ungodly hours in the morning, usually from my own computer, but sometimes from my phone, sometimes my tablet, sometimes my netbook. This blog has been someone I can always “talk to”, to offload thoughts and memories both pleasant and painful, and to share those things with anyone who will listen. It’s been an immeasurably valuable experience for me, and thus I have absolutely no intention of stopping right now.

I realise that by saying all these things now I am effectively sabotaging my own “YAY 1,000 POSTS” post, but eh, whatever. With Ian’s departure from the journey, it felt timely to say them now. Doubtless inspiration will hit me at about 2am on Day 1,000 and I’ll have something amazing to share with you.

Until then, though, it’s business as usual, I’m afraid. Thanks for continuing to read, like and comment, and I’ll see you again tomorrow!

Published by

Pete Davison

Southampton-based music teacher, writer and enthusiast of Japanese popular culture.

2 thoughts on “#oneaday Day 991: Last Man Standing”

  1. There was no ‘Reply’ on your Stickman blog – I wanted to say ‘Ta Pete!’🙂 I’ve missed them. I’d much rather see them than those Anime pics – coz the former are part of your humour,and the Animes tend to be moralising, or sad, or both. Whoooops – I said coz instead of because. Um Aaaaahhhhhh😉 Oh well – you get that!
    Bring on the Stickmen to lighten my day!!! Hoooraaayyy!!!

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