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This blog is my own work that I do for fun rather than profit. It is full of my own opinions and doesn’t represent anyone else’s thoughts except my own. It’s a creative outlet and, at times, a personal journal. Nothing more, nothing less.

But sometimes people have seen fit to pay me in appreciation for my writing services. Here are some links to examples of my professional work around the Web.

Also, this:

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Do you like Japanese games? I do. A lot. Find out more about some of the Japanese games I like the most over on my other site MoeGamer.


All my stuff from USgamer — barring communal pieces from the whole staff — can be found here.

Of particular note were my weekly Japanese gaming column JPgamer and my board game column BOARDgamer. Further long-form material can be found in my coverage of the Eurogamer Expo/EGX in 2013, an event I covered single-handedly for USgamer, as well as throughout the archive linked to above.

Inside Network

I was Inside Network’s resident reviewer for a little over a year. I reviewed Facebook games over at Inside Social Games and mobile (iOS and Android) games and apps at Inside Mobile Apps. I also compiled a weekly report for Inside Network’s metrics service AppData.

Games Are Evil

I was the managing editor over at Games Are Evil, a site which has been around for some time now, but was at serious risk of being put out to pasture and left to die a while back. I took up the reins in mid-2012, rebranded it as a home for “alternative gaming” — that is, games outside of the “triple-A” sector — and, with the help of a team of talented volunteer writers, launched a series of tightly-focused columns specialising in various gaming niches. Check out the main site here, or you can read my specialist columns on JRPGs and visual novels directly. Games Are Evil was a labour of love for everyone involved — we weren’t making any money from it, but we were trying to provide compelling content for those who want to read something a little different from the usual clickbait.


In 2011, I covered the daily news on GamePro sadly died a death at the end of November 2011, but a number of my articles can still be found on its sister site PC World. Check out this page for a link to some of my work. (Note: When scrolling to later pages, change the “%20” in the URL to a “-” otherwise you’ll just get everything by people whose first name is Pete.)

I have some articles archived on my home computer, so do get in touch if you’d like to see other examples.


I wrote two preview features for the then-upcoming Xbox 360 game Crackdown 2. Preparing these articles involved a visit to the developer, some hands-on time with the game and interviewing key members of the team.

Ruffian’s Hell & High Times With Crackdown 2
Putting the Craic in Crackdown 2

Good Old Games

I’ve written a bunch of promotional stuff for supremely brilliant retro-gaming site Good Old Games. If you have a hankerin’ to play some old DOS-based stuff (and a few more recent titles, too) then be sure to check ’em out.

Hidden Gem of the Week: MDK
Hidden Gem of the Week: In Cold Blood
Hidden Gem of the Week: Runaway – A Road Adventure
Hidden Gem of the Week: Septerra Core
Hidden Gem of the Week: Earth 2150 Trilogy
Hidden Gem of the Week: Painkiller
Hidden Gem of the Week: Simon the Sorcerer
Hidden Gem of the Week: Rise of the Triad

What They Play

I also wrote a bunch of “parental advice” articles giving people the lowdown on a variety of popular online communities that kids might want to get themselves involved with. What They Play was purchased by IGN and then closed down, so these links come courtesy of’s Wayback Machine where possible:

Get the Facts on Kongregate
Get the Facts on Guild Wars
Get the Facts on Gaia Online
Get the Facts on Club Penguin
Get the Facts on NeoPets
Get the Facts on MapleStory
Get the Facts on RuneScape


The Squadron of Shame Squadcast RSS iTunes

Gaming “book club” podcast edited and produced by me, featuring gaming enthusiasts from all over the world discussing the forgotten and overlooked classic games of years gone by, both recent and distant. In past episodes, the podcast has covered subjects as diverse as rabbinical point-and-click adventure game The Shivah, conspiracy theory masterpiece Deus Ex and Russian disease-survival adventure Pathologic, amongst others. Also see the Squadron of Shame official site and “Squawkbox” community site.

The Exploding Barrel Podcast

Weekly gaming news and opinions podcast fronted by the brothers AJ and Mike Minotti, with regular guest appearances from various members of the Squadron of Shame, including my good self.

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