About This Blog

#oneaday was a blog collective which started on Twitter. It was an attempt to write something every day, originally for a whole year, but I subsequently went well beyond that. A “day” was not measured on the calendar, but rather as the period of time between when you wake up and when you go to bed. This meant that night owls like me could feel free to post in the early hours.

It was not an attempt to be particularly meaningful, funny or even good. Its purpose was to get us writing. Writing for ourselves. Learning the self-discipline required to just sit down and write every day. Not much. At least a paragraph. I set myself my own personal target of at least 500 words per post. Simple enough, right?

If other people happened to enjoy what we write, so much the better. If they didn’t? That’s fine too, because the reason we write is for the love of writing, and for the enjoyment and sense of satisfaction that non-stop creativity brings.

It was a challenge, yes. And not everyone who started stuck it out for very long. But even those people who chose to stop undoubtedly learned something from the whole experience. Even if it was just “I never want to do that ever again!”

I was the last of the original #oneaday gang to keep posting things on a regular basis, but I kept going out of a sense of pride and stubbornness. I remained true to the original intentions of the project, only drawing things to a close after a mighty 2,541 days!

6 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Only creatives with diamond-hardened intestinal fortitude do this thing so I’m in. Besides, I’ve always wanted to be cool like Pete. 🙂

  2. Well now you’re both cool. Supercool. Superawesomecool. Superawesomecoolfabgroovy. HIGH FIVE!

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